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Naprapathy / Chiropractic

Acupunctura PATRIC
Acupunctura JHONATAN
Masaje Petró
Somatic Experiencing
Masaje Jhonatan

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture the way we do it at Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls is modern and has been discovered and developed by Danish acupuncturist John Boel Sr and his son. In fact the method is so great Mr Boel was voted Acupuncturist of the century for it and I am very happy and proud to have been able to study with them both as teachers!

What is so special and works so well is that it is very fast and very precise. In short it mixes eastern acupuncture with modern neurological science and many the effects comes because of an instant healing effect in and from the brain. And fantastically enough it has been proven to help to improve diagnoses and problems that earlier couldn´t be helped. 

We work with AcuNova, AcuLine, AcuChronic, AcuSpine, AcuDna, AcuStomach, AchuOne and AcuKing. We are very happy to have discovered these fantastic methods!

Sesiones en grupo con Jhonatan

Jhonatan ofrece un estilo diferente de tratamientos en Lucky Bodies. Lleva más de 10 años practicando una Técnica de Acupuntura Antigua y ha decidido apoyar a la comunidad mallorquina en estos frágiles momentos que vive la humanidad. La acupuntura es una medicina tradicional que estimula los sistemas nervioso y endocrino, con un gran efecto sobre disfunciones emocionales, estrés, dolor corporal o enfermedades crónicas. La primera sesión consiste en un diagnóstico tradicional para definir el número de sesiones y el protocolo adaptado a las condiciones del paciente.

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Why & When Acupuncture?

Acupuncture the way we do it at Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls can be used for many different reasons. We often work with pains such as when we work with naprapathy and often of course in combination. But we also work with eye problems and hearing loss, allergies, gastro and intestinal problems, infertility and sexual problems and our own and revolutionary method for treating Parkinson's disease. Have a look here to see what we treat and don´t hesitate to contact us and we´ll let you know if we think your problem can be helped.

Acute pain Chronic pain
Neuromuscuosceletal problems Hereditary disease
Organ diseases Sports injuries
Allergies Psychosomatic pain
Gastro Intestinal problems Migraines
Eye disease Parkinson´s
Over used and over loaded muscles & tendons Tennis elbow
Golfer´s elbow Sprained ancle
Plantar fasciitis Achilles tendinopathy
Runner´s knee Shin splints
Jumper´s knee Impingement
Menisc and ligament injuries ACL injuries
Sports hernia IBS
Crohn´s disease Ulcerative colitis
Constipation Food allergy
Fur allergy Pollen allergy
Rheumatoid arthritis Hypo-/Hyperthyroidism
Hypertension Astma
Sinusitis Infertility
Impotence Headache
Tinnitus Vertigo
Herniated disc Lumbago
Sciatica Frozen shoulder
Bursitis Perineum weakness
Shoulder pain Mouse arm
Pelvic girdle disorders Whiplash (WAD)
Retinitis Pigmentosa ArMD

Parkinson´s - unique treatment

After years of testing we are now happy to go public with this new and revolutionary method of treating Parkinson´s! Following a special protocol you are being treated with acupuncture once a day for 5 days. If it works and you can notice a significant improvement we continue for another 5 treatments the following week. Depending your specific situation we do a follow up some time later. This doesn´t cure Parkinson´s but have been proven to brake and reverse the disease for many patients! And - if there´s no improvement after the first 5 treatments we just stop. 

Sometimes we also add very specific training where we try to challenge the brain and nervous system doing many different exercises. The idea is to force the brain to find new path ways and the goal of course to make you feel better!