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Naprapathy / Chiropractic

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What should I wear?

For the treatment you should wear underclothes in which you feel comfortable being seen. This can be underwear, bikini (that does not cross the back of the neck), or even light yoga shorts. This will enable your posture and movement to be seen, so the best analysis and treatment can take place. If you feel shy, please let me know. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

Does it hurt?

Sometimes the work can feel intense, (as change often does) but your level of comfort is always carefully considered and respected. The most effective work is sometimes close to that intense range, but there are always options and more gentle techniques can always be used.  The most important thing is that you feel safe.  Safety allows for curiosity, and a curious mind will venture to learn new ways of moving.

How many sessions do I need?

The Rolfing Series traditionally consists of 10 sessions.  Working with Petró, often sessions of Somatic Experiencing work and Rolf Movement will also be included.  Ideally, weekly sessions for somewhere between 2 & 4 months will be enough for the process.  After this process, normally a period of 6 months is given to allow for you to integrate the changes into your life. After that time, we meet to re-evaluate your symptoms and goals and often will re-take some bodywork or movement sessions to assist the integration process.

Is Rolfing permanent?

Yes. The changes that you feel and embody during the Rolfing series stay with you as the awareness of your habits and movement changes.

Who is Rolfing for?

To live more healthily and more aligned is good for all of us. It is especially useful for those of us with occupations or sports that require putting ourselves in compromised postures, like the office worker, dentist, driver, mum, cyclist, or more recently, the digital nomad and the “chronic texter”. As more of our lives are lived in front of digital screens, we are all feeling the effects of that change on our bodies. Rolfing teaches you to reverse and balance this effect.

Where can I park close to the clinic?

Sometimes parking your car in our zone is a little difficult. We recommend that you arrive with plenty of time, and if you see that you have to park quickly, there are two options, the restaurant area of Santa Catalina is only 3 blocks walk from us, and it`s a blue (pay parking) zone, so there are always spots.  You just have to remember to pay the meter (free between 14.30 and 16.30). Otherwise, the Eroski on Calle Fabrica, has underground parking and if you then spend 15€ on groceries, you get free parking.