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"He heals with his heart"

Petró has helped me heal on two occasions, and what I love about his work is not only his technical work as a Rolfer, which is the most effective bodywork I have experienced to this day, but that he also heals – and I believe that most importantly – with his heart. During his treatments, one can feel his true intention to heal that comes from a profound interest in the circumstances that may have led to the disease and the time and dedication he puts into the healing.

Claudia  (March 2018)    


"My body awareness is deeper"

I came to Petró with constant pain and the feeling that my body was beyond healing. While I still have to navigate my way towards full recovery, I have to thank him for enabling me to find ways to get better. After every session my body awareness is deeper and I can tune into the ‘house of flesh, tissue and bones’ I inhabit much better than before and find exactly what it is that I need to do in order to heal. As I am extremely busy and challenged privately and work-wise at the moment and have hardly any time to do yoga or other beneficial things myself, it is a life-saver to have someone to help me and give me a guideline.

Petró is an outstandingly gifted body worker with a unique talent. In a beautiful atmosphere and a very relaxed way he brings true interest and care to the individual body and mind. It is an interesting and rewarding experience how he connects with what to him is a completely new person and gives his best to pave the way for a better way of being. I thank him and want to continue treatment, just as I want to continue living a happy rewarding and joyous life in the body that was given to me.

Good luck to Petró, and good luck to me!

Stefanie (June 2014)


"The exact right method for me"

For almost four months now I have been continuously working with Petró using the tool that is Somatic Experience. During that time we covered childhood trauma, present day trauma (caused by the situation through the COVID19 virus pandemic), collective ancestral trauma and other fears linked to difficulties in relationships. The process still continues and I look forward to it but so far, even from the very beginning, there has been great progress, change and relief.
Petró brings me to discover not only what triggers me but more so what helps me balance those triggers. Looking for resources within me or around me is becoming gradually easier and quicker. I learnt that no matter how heavy the trigger is or might feel, I will always find an available resource and create calm again. At the same time he teaches me to be able to be with the messy feelings, thereby making them less potent, powerful and scary. He is very gifted in instinctively establishing together with me what subjects are worth or necessary to work on. Also he is brilliant at never letting me go too far in an uncomfortable experience but brings me back to ease and safety right away, so that it remains balanced and never too hard. From the beginning he made it clear that I call the shots if I want to continue working on a certain trigger or better to leave it. I ALWAYS feel safe and heard with him.
So far one of the most difficult relationships I had in my life has improved majorly so that there is a lot more trust again with that person and much less negative charge. I have tried other more conventional forms of therapy, but they did not work anywhere near as well as the Somatic Experiencing. It's still very surprising to me what we find every session and a lot of things are uncovered that I did not even know were there. So this is why I really want to continue the process and feel blessed to have found the exact right method for me to release my traumas with the exact right facilitator at the exact right time in my life. I'd recommend Petró and SE to anyone.

Thank you, Petró, for everything. Everyone who gets to work with you is very lucky!!!
Stefanie (July 2020)


"His work has been transformational"

I have been going regularly to Petró Kohut to work through unresolved trauma and to get relief from chronic pain. Petró combined both Rolfing/bodywork and Somatic Experiencing and his work has been transformational for me. I am not only feeling physically better, I have also gotten to know myself better through our sessions and made so many changes in my life that I feel like a new better version of myself. He is experienced, professional, and I always feel very safe to work through difficult issues with him. I am incredibly grateful for his work.

Elsa      (Feb 2022)


"Unlock your thinking"

Quite unique.
If you want to improve mobility in your joints, you don’t expect to unlock your thinking.
Thats exactly what happened and it’s had a lasting effect, thanks to Petró’s years of knowledge and care.

 Rolfing is incredibly holistic and can get to exactly what the root causes are. It reminded me of the feldenkrais or osteopathy that I’ve experienced before.

Ted    (Oct 2022)