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What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture the way we do it at Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls is modern and has been discovered and developed by Danish acupuncturist John Boel Sr and his son. In fact the method is so great Mr Boel was voted Acupuncturist of the century for it and I am very happy and proud to have been able to study with them both as teachers!

What is so special and works so well is that it is very fast and very precise. In short it mixes eastern acupuncture with modern neurological science and many the effects comes because of an instant healing effect in and from the brain. And fantastically enough it has been proven to help to improve diagnoses and problems that earlier couldn´t be helped. 

We work with AcuNova, AcuLine, AcuChronic, AcuSpine, AcuDna, AcuStomach, AchuOne and AcuKing. We are very happy to have discovered these fantastic methods!