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YOGA - The equanimity retreat / 1 - 5 MAY 2019

Welcome to this inspiring 5 day retreat in Mallorca, Spain with Yoga Master Ulrica Norberg

Many of us desire a life where we can be untouched by the challenges of life and only blessed with the gains and successed moving us forward. How does one balance the two and is it possible to attain a balanced lifestyle in the modern era? This retreat is for you who would like to try it out. Who are curious to set sail into the unkown and marry it with the known. Who are practicing yoga, pranayama and meditation and yearns to deepen ones practice in peaceful and respectful settings. For those of you who want to be a part of your own choices, set a more inquiring search towards your own potential. In order to hopefully arrive in greater equanimity one day. Where you can be more present, in greater ease and less driven by tension and reaction. For those of you who deep down really enjoy living. And living well.

Cal Reiet is a holistic wellbeing retreat hotel with 14 luxurious rooms and suites hard to compare to any other place. The house was built in 1881 and restored just a few years ago. The surrounding garden with it´s hidden corners and calm atmosphere makes a perfect hideaway or just a place for contemplation. The yoga shala has a lot of space and offers lots of space for both yoga and meditation. The 20 metre swimming pool is a real treat, especially on a warm summer’s day, and it is beautifully set amidst the retreat’s lush gardens. If you want to go for a walk the area offers infinite possibilities in the countryside around the farm.

For more info contact

Sarah Elfvin
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1370€ (shared room)
1670€ (single room)



A retreat at this beautiful finca is a treat for the soul. Located in the mountains of Mallorca, surrounded by olive trees with a view over the Mediterranean horizon. Here the past resonates with the present. A place to be and deepen our practice within the ISHTA lineage guided by yogiraj Katrina Repka. Join us for transformative days in the company of other ISHTA experienced friends. Let this beautiful, unique, timeless environment and very special nature nurture and inspire. Bienvenido!

  • Daily yoga classes & meditations (mornings & evenings)
  • Full accomodation at the Farmhouse Cas Bernats
  • Plant based whole food with lots of love by our own chef  Louise
  • A hike in spectacular landscape in World heritage mountains
  • Excursions to nearby villages

For more info contact

Sarah Elfvin
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990€ (shared room)
1290€ (single room)





Än en gång har vi ynnesten att spendera några dagar på denna fantastiska plats. Närande umgänge & samtal i bästa sällskap, lustfylld mat, yoga för olika behov och vidare perspektiv. Meditation & yoga nidra för samklang. Vandring, natur, hisnande utsikt... En resa för såväl kropp som själ. Välkommen!

I retreatet ingår:

  • Yoga (dynamisk, yin, restorative)  morgon och kväll
  • Vandringar
  • Besök och meditation på Joan Mirómuséet
  • Utrymme för reflektion
  • Boende i dubbelrum
  • Helpension - Färgfylld, närande inspirerande mat.
  • Vi har vår egna, magiska kock

Pris 6250 kr

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Yoga Boost

Spend time in Palma this Summer and treat yourself with a real yoga boost? We´re lucky to be involved in two Summer retreats with great yoginis where you´ll have time to be in your practice and experience yoga from different perspectives. Also with time to enjoy everything Palma can offer from the beautiful architecture, nice and good food to the sun and the Mediterranean sea. July 4th to 7th Palma Yoga Boost with teachers from 4 paths of yoga; hatha, vinyasa, yin and kundalini. July 24th to 28th Urban Retreat with Dharma Yoga. Bienvenido!







May 19th



A treat in the mountains of Mallorca - 27.9.-1.10.2017

Join us for transformative days in the company of ISHTA experienced students. guided by yogi raj Katrina Repka. We will deepen our practice and create space for intimacy, integrity and stillness. Let the beautiful and timeless environment and natural surroundings inspire us. Bienvenidol

retreats-figThe retreat will offer

  • Daily yoga classes & meditations (mornings and evenings)
  • Full accommodation in magnificent "finca"
  • Healthy, superb and vegetarian food by our own chef Jeff Harter
  • A hike m spectacular landscape 10 world heritage mountains
  • Excursions to nearby villages
  • Treatments will also be available

For more info Contact Sarah Elfvin This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1150€ (single room)
850€ (shared room)