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About Patric

After more than 15 years and some 30-35000 treatments, Dr of Naprapathy Patric Söderblom can look back and lean on experiences beyond the ordinary. Working with professional dancers from all over the world he found an interest for sports medicine and what makes that ”little extra”. That ”little extra” became a signum not only for him but also for all treatments done at Backbone, the chain of clinics he started in Stockholm 2006 and that now performs 1200-1500 treatments every month with all kinds of clients; private, sent by insurance companies, athletes of all levels (6 national teams!) etc and all ages.

”Over the years I have stayed to the art of hands on treatments and both experience and science shows clearly that working with the spine/joints and soft tissue and the nervous system in dialogue with the patient gives the best results”

Patric works with spine and joint manipulations & mobilization, acupuncture, muscle and fascia treatments etc and a lot of home exercise. Feel welcome to call for bookings or questions: 663 652 204 or send an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.