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What is Medical Training?

Medical Training is physical training or activity for people with different diagnoses and limitations or specific needs and goals. A Medical Trainer can alone or in collaboration with other professions, such as naprapaths, psychologist and doctors, reach successful results with different types of clients. For example:

  • Stress related diseases.
  • Metabolic diseases.
  • Cancer.
  • Neuromuscular diseases.
  • Diabetes.
  • Cardiovascular and age-related diseases.
  • Arthritis.
  • Before, during and after pregnancy.
  • Pain.
  • Osteoporosis.
  • Obesity.
  • Before and after surgery.
  • Hormonal diseases.

A Medical Trainer can individually customize, plan, implement and evaluate physical activity and movement for every unique situation. A M.T can help you lose or gain weight and are also educated to specific train children, adolescents and elderly people. If you want to perform better in sports or in your working life a M.T can give you tools and guidelines to reach that.

Why Medical Training?

The M.T is the bridge between hospitals and gym, a gap that has to be minor and better controlled for a stronger public health. Medical training may be relevant to those who have been or are ill, have pain and need individual training and guidance. If you had surgery and want to carry out rehab or if you want to get ready for surgery, medical training may be helpful. The role of a M.T is clearly different from the function of a medical service or a doctor, which is to diagnose and treat. If you received a diagnosis and possible treatment by a doctor or therapist and then need more knowledge and support to create and engage in long term activity with regard to the situation.

Who is Johan Nylén?

Worked with training, rehab and health for 17 years in Stockholm, Sweden. At 2016 he got the privilege to take part of the Medical Trainer Education, the first of its kind, and has since then worked as a Certified Medical Trainer. Now building up Medical Training in Lucky Bodies and Happy Souls in Mallorca as the first facility outside Sweden. Like to work in a team along with other professions for both a better result and to learn more about the human body and mind. Done several tests and programs for football teams and companies, trained ice hockey, tennis and squash players, been a football coach, trained crossfit athletes and are also mentor for children and adolescents, a work that feels both important and stimulating. Like using measurements for guiding a client or a group, to show weak links, strong links and educate them in their own physics. The best changes and decisions come from the clients itself, just by answering the right questions. The measurements can regard physical, mental and medical parameters. The overall goal is to give the clients relevant tools so they can make their own healthy path and live their life with no limitations.

More Questions

Is a Medical Trainer a Doctor?

No, a Medical Trainer does not set diagnoses or prescribe prescriptions or medications.

Is a Medical Trainer a naprapath, chiropractor, physiotherapist or an osteopath?

No, a Medical Trainer performs individual physical exercise for people with different limitations, illnesses, bodily and mental problems. They cooperate with other professionals for best results; such as psychologists, naprapaths and doctors.                

Can a Medical Trainer carry out regular personal training?

Yes, a Medical Trainer is a Personal Trainer with many years of experience in exercise and health who study medicine and can perform regular personal training as well.

History of Medical Training

More and more people around the world suffer from diseases that can be prevented, alleviated and cured by physical activity, provided it is the right acyivity for that particular individual. How to exercise is significantly different if you have diabetes type 2, for example, if you are ill or in stress; that is what medical training is about - adapting every aspect of exercise and diet to each individual. At present we do not know anything that has as many positive effects on health as physical activity and exercise, and with relatively simple means, we can, for example, cure diabetes type 2, radically reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, recover from stress and so on. Simply live a stronger, longer and healthier life with increased well-being. A M.T is a new category of trainers who are more educated and often have more experience than a personal trainer. Today there are only a few Medical Trainers in the world; most of them practice in Sweden where there Medical Trainer School is. The idea is that Medical Trainers should build bridges between hospitals and healthcare and also to enable sick, weak and vulnerable people to also receive effective training. People who might have difficulties to get to a health center or a gym can therefore be helped. Hopefully the Medical Trainer category will grow though the need for specific physical training is increasing.