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Lumbago is a common musculoskeletal disorder characterized by moderate, severe and disabling low back pain. It can either be acute, subacute or chronic in duration. The causes of Lumbago are often not clear. It is thought to be related to disc problems, but pain can also be caused by the muscles, joints, ligaments or nerves. In some cases lumbago are caused by serious underlying conditions such as tumours or infections.
Lumbago symptoms typically include pain in the back. It is a condition that limits spinal movements, particularly when bending forwards. The back muscles may be over contracted in muscle spasm and may force an abnormal posture to one side.


The naprapath performs a safe and clinical examination in order to exclude diseases and intervertebral disk displacement. Acute lumbago is often treated with success and pain release often occurs during the treatment. If you have suffered from lumbago during a longer period, a few more treatments might be necessary in order to get better. You will also be given advice on exercises that may help to prevent lumbago in the future.